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The 26 Series is designed for high-security storage of high-value items. Cylinder anti-cut plate impede drilling, pulling and other forms of vandalism. Special hardened alloy steel shackle provides greater resistance to bolt cutter. Reinforced steel body provides maximum protection from physical attack. It is an improved version of the popular 24 Series because drill protection has been added to the cylinder. The 80mm size is larger and offers a greater clearance than the 70mm size and can be used for van doors where the 70mm version is too small. Both the 24 Series and 26 Series can be keyed to the same bitting and can be keyed different, keyed alike and master keyed. When choosing a hasp the 140 hasp has been specially designed to work with the DISKUS locks.

  • Original Diskus-design: 360 degree protection
  • Stainless steel inside and out
  • Shackle made from hardened steel
  • Diskus deep welding technology for maximum strength
  • Anti-cut plate
  • Precision pin tumbler cylinder

Product Specifications

Keying Keyed Alike
Shackle Diameter (in) 15/32
Shackle Clearance (in) 5/8
Body Width (in) 3-35/64
Material Steel
ABUS Security Level 8
Item Weight (lb) 1.4