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The security rating of a hasp should always match the padlock because the two products form a symbiosis in which the weakest link becomes extremely important. ABUS offers a broad range of high-security hasps for different levels of security. Security hasps feature concealed screws and hardened steel loops to protect the padlock's shackle against attacks with breaking tools. Together with a suitable padlock, the hasp offers maximum security for doors and gates.The Diskus® Integral 141 was especially developed for securing double wing doors of transporters, box wagons, etc. It can also be used to secure containers and barn doors. The universal hasp with an integrated Diskus® padlock ensures best protection against attacks due to the solid metal case.

  • Universal hasp for doors and gates
  • Ideal for use on double wing doors (transporters, box wagons)
  • Easy to operate with one hand due to frontal cylinder access
  • Solid metal case protects the padlock against attacks
  • Extremely corrosion-resistant
  • Fixing materials are included

Product Specifications

Hasp Length (in) 8-3/4
Shackle Diameter (in) 1/2
Material Steel
ABUS Security Level 8
Item Weight (lb) 2.8