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Maintenance or service work on big machinery is usually an organizational effort. Many different access points have to be locked out, many different groups of workers with different professions are at work. If all people involved had to lock out each access point, it would become not only a very timely effort, but it would also require a large number of padlocks. The solution: The Safety Redbox™. Thanks to this product, only the foreman has to lock out all the access points and then put the different keys into the box. All other people involved lock the Safety Redbox™ with their personalized padlock, thus all the keys are stored away until the end of the maintenance process. The Safety Redbox™ convinces through its handiness. Due to its low weight, it can easily be carried around. In addition, the Safety Redbox™ comes with a wall bracket; the hinges that hold the box in place are on the back. This way it can also be used stationary and each machine can be assigned a single box. Employees will have no difficulties finding the right box for the right machine.

  • Safety where you want it, when you need it: portable, convenient lockout box
  • High level of stability in spite of low weight
  • Ergonomic and space-saving foldaway handle
  • Inside is exposed to light from all sides for better visibility of contents
  • Lid features innovative and secure locking mechanism
  • Patented lockable wall bracket, also facilitates storing of padlocks
  • Hole Diameter: 9/32"
  • Holds up to 12 padlocks